About The Publisher: Helen Lovell-Wayne

My name is Helen Lovell-Wayne.  I grew up in California.  For the last fifteen years, I called Florida home. Since that time I have been finding cheap and free things to do on the weekends.  Lucky for us, this task is not difficult in this part of the world.  

My husband and I both studied science in college.  We also appreciate history and the arts.  Kissimmee It is full of history and culture.  We want to share this information with other families.  With covid, I will be mostly choosing outdoor and virtual events.  

When my son was two I attended the kids fringe festival in Orlando, FL.  At that event, I met the Macroni kid publisher for Kissimme and I got her card.  I have been a subscriber ever since. I am really excited about my new position.  If any of you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know.  I am a lifelong learner.